Another adventure is starting up…

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I guess this is the third or fourth blog I’m creating to share some of my achievements or thoughts as time goes by. Why do I keep losing the efforts for trying to keep a blog alive for more than a couple of weeks?

Ok, maybe I should have started with my own presentation… So, I’m Rui Lopes, currently a Master’s in Computer Engineering student in University of Aveiro, Portugal. I’m now finishing my Master’s degree by developing some research on Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs), mostly based on how does video can get transmitted on such mobility networks, having in consideration multi-homing contexts and handovers. Well… right now I do not want to bore you with my work (probably there will appear some articles about some findings and stuff I’ll create along the time in this blog, to complement more this sharing of information).

More about me… I’m a curious guy and oh boy, how I want to get to know at least something new each day. Things like computer science (of course, that’s my area of study), medicine, linguistics, filmography, music or education are really my biggest areas of interest. Notwithstanding, one of my desires is to get to know more about some topics that I, as a child, considered boring, such as world history, physics, and more… So expect me to use this blog as a via of discussing such topics—I’ll use it not only to share my knowledge about some things, but also to expose my learning process in topics not on my area of expertise.

As I’m working on my M.Sc. thesis, it is inevitable to think on the time that has passed since I entered on the university to start my academic life. Another topic to be shared with you later, is that on my second year I decided to pursue a professor and researching career, thing that is defining more-and-more, on a daily basis, my profile as a person—it has changed the way I understand how could a population benefit from some models of education and how much can a person change the way we, as a community, share our knowledge to one another.

Well, not spoiling the whole idea of this blog, I’ll stop here and hope you’ll find it interesting and useful. 🤞